We provide professional sourcing for all your business needs. Utilize our global    contacts and distribution channels to secure the best pricing and delivery for your  company. Our diverse staff of professionals have expertise in a wide range of  industries including ceramics, hospitality, medical, personal care, and apparel.

We can source your raw materials, packaging, equipment and outside contracting.

Let us be your import partner!

do you know your costs?

Next to your payroll, your inventory and supplies may be your largest company expense. Do you know if your current supplier is your best strategic partner for success?

Let us quote your current needs or assist you in sourcing a new item for your company. Even if you are satisfied with your current supplier, it only makes good business sense to have a competitive quote on hand.

Most business owners are too busy working "in" their business to work "on" their business. Let us do the heavy lifting. We only get your business if we save you money and make you more efficient. You have nothing to lose by contacting us for a competitive quote, and everything to gain.


Who is watching the store?

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